About Blink Lighting

Blink Lighting is an Exterior lighting company founded by Addison Miles and Kohler Karavan. As business students at the University of South Carolina, their goal was to combine their love for business with their drive to provide a common service that could be used by everyone. Being from Myrtle Beach, Blink Lightings owners and staff understand that reputation and quality of a product is priceless. We stand by our word and our reputation and guarantee that our product and our service live up to our reputation.

Meet the Team

Kohler Karavan

Founder and CEO

Phone: 843-997-2499

Christopher Collins

Owner of Myrtle Beach / Wilmington Branch

Phone: 843-602-9311

Gunnar Heidt

Owner of Beaufort / Charleston Branch

Phone: 843-241-3119


Cole Renfrow

Owner of Greenville Area Branch

Phone: 843-796-0486